Town: Looe
Region: Cornwall
Date: 3 – 5 July 2010
Journey Time from Bristol: 3.5 hours
Campsite: Bay View Farm
Postcode: PL13 1NZ
Weather: Mixture of sun and rain; windy and cool in evenings.

Lo-down: Looe is the nearest town to the campsite and Polperro is not much further. The former is a traditional seaside town, lacking in character, filled with run down uninviting pubs and a small, accessible and overcrowded beach. The latter is a much more attractive, quaint, small harbour village that is well worth a visit -instead of run down pubs you can have lovely cream teas in one of the many cafes.

Getting Around: It is very easy to get around as the campsite is located a 10 minute drive from Looe and 15 minutes from Polperro. It is possible to walk to Looe from the campsite but realistically it would take 3 hours for a round trip.

Best pub: We didn’t come across a single decent pub, although Polperro would probably be your best bet.

Eating Out: As per usual the best option was the Barbie. There are several nice places to have cream teas in Polperro, one of them apparently award winning and the best in the South West. Looe also has a decent Pasty shop (Sarah’s Pasty Shop).

Amenities: It was hard to escape the fact that you were on a farm. The bathrooms weren’t cleaned during the entirety of our stay and space was shared with the horse stables, and although you couldn’t see them, you could certainly hear and smell them. The campsite had no shop and no reception which sometimes made you feel a little intrusive when you needed to freeze your icepacks by stepping unto the owners’ veranda.

Pitch: The pitch was the best part of this campsite. As the name suggests, you get a beautiful of the bay which is only enhanced as it gets dark and the lights of Looe twinkle in the distance. Unfortunately the pitch is quite sloped and you get a lot of dogs snooping around your tent.

Perks: The amazing views from the campsite are what makes it worth a visit. Other little perks include free wireless broadband and an abundance of wildlife nearby such as the monkey and donkey sanctuary.

Beach: One of the beaches which is about 30 minutes walk is nice and sandy but with a lot of algae washed ashore which meant an abundance of flies, making it hard to really enjoy it.

M’s rating: 7/10
B’s rating: 5/10


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