Town: Treveague
Region: Gorran
Date: 6 – 9 July 2010
Journey Time from Bristol: 4 hours
Campsite: Treaveague Farm
Postcode: PL26 6NY   
Mixture of sun and rain; windy and cool in evenings.

Lo-down: Gorran and Gorran Haven are both within walking distance of the campsite. Both are cute villages with the latter particularly nice as it is has a little beach and several cliff walks. Although both villages are only a short walk away, Treveague Farm feels isolated and quiet without being remote.

Getting Around: Travelling from the campsite is very easy. You can walk to a beautiful and peaceful beach in less than 15 minutes. There are also various cliff walks allowing you to walk as far as you like – we chose to walk to Gorran Haven and it took about 1.5 hours (there is a shortcut directly back to the campsite which takes little over 15 minutes). You can also jump into the car and drive to the historical harbour town of Mevagissey, St Alban and the Eden Project in about 20 minutes.

Best pub: There are many great pubs in Mevagissey serving nice ales and good seafood. Unfortunately the pub in Gorran Haven was closed or under refurbishment and the isolation of the campsite really told for the only time. The campsite shop sells nice local ales though.

Eating Out: As always the best option was the Barbie. There is a cafe on site which serves breakfast and some food during the day but we didn’t try it. There is a lovely cafe serving cream teas in Gorran Haven, right at the end of the cliff walk. Mevagissey has loads of lovely looking restaurants, pubs and cafes and although we only managed to eat in one pub, the food was very tasty.

Amenities: Unlike our previous farm experience (see below), this never really felt like a farm other than the fact that all the pitches are very spacious, the view of the bay is splendid and that the site is surrounded by rolling fields with cows and sheep. The bathrooms were spotless and are cleaned every day. The kitchen where you can wash up has a microwave, a fridge freezer so you can refreeze your ice packs for free and even a drying room for your laundry or anything else. There is also a shop selling local ales, wine and other goods at very reasonable prices. The impression of the campsite was also as being very family friendly with a playground and a little football pitch.

Pitch: The pitches were clearly marked so as to avoid people encroaching on each other. Some of the pitches give you a great view of the bay and you are never too far from the toilets, kitchen or cliff walks.

Perks: The view is great, the campsite is friendly and clean, and the beaches which are only a short walk away are stunning. Although the site is isolated, it is easy to get to other lovely villages and towns without having to drive too long.

Beach: Sandy beaches, clean water and very quiet this almost seems too good to be true.

M’s rating: 9/10
B’s rating: 8/10


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