At home #1

It feels like ages since I last posted something on here so maybe I’m just forcing the issue. Don’t know. What comes to mind goes on the blog. That’s how things are working just now.

Well, it don’t really matter to me because I have a valid excuse: I’ve been really busy. And I really have. Wrote some stuff on some band and wrote some more stuff on things like these. (David Bowie has just come on and I realise how easy it is to take him for granted and forget how damn good his music really is.)

A book review, a visit to my local indie bookshop and some other meaningless musings will find their way unto the blog soon.

Interestingly enough I have just been reminded of the fact that I seem to find it easier to write about things I am not doing or plan on doing rather than just talking about the things I’ve done. Dunno. Better leave it at that I guess.



About hombremediocre

Publisher, bibliophile, writer, traveller and general culture aficionado. (My favourite punctuation mark is the em dash.)
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