The Ran$om Note

The Ransom Note is a brilliant ezine that goes out to over 30,000 subscribers on a weekly basis. It offers more than just your run of the mill club listings. It covers everything from cutting edge music reviews to dog walking blogs, art, culture and new world musings. As well as the pick of upcoming events at London and beyond’s clubs, bars, weddings, discos, kebab shops and anywhere else someone cares to throw a party.

If you’re interested in getting involved, be it writing, musing or you simply have something you want to impart to the rest of the world, get in touch:

info [at] theransomnote [dot] co [dot] uk

Below is a list of articles I have written for Ransom Note – check it out.

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May 2011

New Year, New Publishing
“With all my New Year’s Resolutions broken before I even had a chance to have a proper go at them (too wet to go running, sourdough starter didn’t take, drinking, it turns out, is a day-to-day necessity, et cetera) I decided to at least write down some thoughts that have been pervading and plaguing my mind for quite some time.”

February 2011

Book review: Codex
“After having put together a brief synopsis of Codex for my 2010 Christmas books list, I felt that this book deserved a more detailed review. I must admit that I tend not to read many thrillers as they often seem to lack in substance and feel like the equivalent of mindless TV, except that I have to put in a time consuming and often un-enjoyable reading shift.”

January 2011

Book review and interview: Sex, Bombs and Burgers
“It’s cold and semi desolate. The roof arches above us like a giant steel skeleton; an empty and soulless warehouse-like place. Except it isn’t empty, it’s a hive of activity, alive with an alarming, intangible buzz… This is not some sinister vision of the future, this is, um, Paddington and I am here to meet Peter Nowak, technology guru, journalist and author of Sex, Bombs and Burgers: How War, Porn and Fast Food Created Technology as we Know it.”

December 2010

Christmas books
“I’ve been forcing books on people for Xmas for as long as I can remember, which to be fair is only the last six years or so, but still, it feels like an eternity (I was a bloodshot and bleary-eyed student prior to that so most things are a bit hazy). It all started when I was working in a bookshop and true to the student stereotype everything was about saving money, and getting a healthy discount certainly helped.”

November 2010

Ridiculing the Comic Novel
“Dear Mr Jacobsen, please accept my sincerest apologies for ridiculing you and the comic novel. I promise that from now on I will take comedy in literature more seriously.”

Book Review: Coconut Unlimited
“Anyways. Coconut Unlimited by Nikesh Shukla, is a coming of age story following the journey of Amit and his two best friends, Anand and Nishant, through teenage life. Set in Harrow in the 1990’s the novel explores cultural clashes and racial tensions bubbling under the surface of suburban life, the trials and tribulations of being a teenager, and the power of friendship and music.”

October 2010

The 2010 Man Booker Shortlist
I moan and groan about this year’s shortlist, finding it troubling and uninspiring (not for the first time).

The Death of Publishing?
In your face! This was the week when publishing showed the world that it is far from dead, that its epitaph has not yet been written (by Amazon/Google), and that there is more than just a few literary stalwarts responsible for the feeble pulse keeping it alive.

September 2010

The Great American Novelist: Jonathan Franzen
They called it franzenfrenzy, franzenfreude, franzenfury – I propose granting Franzen some sort of autonomous right to world control.

Authors as Characters
I explore the idea of authors reinventing themselves as characters in their books and playing with the reader’s expectations of what a writer should be.

Indie Bookshops #2: To Hell With (Amuti 23)
I admire the eclectic combination of events, books and overall philosophy that sets To Hell With Publishing apart from other publishers and bookshops, and has made me a servant to their cause.

August 2010

Bang. On and on…
Remembering a summer of disappointing footie, expecting nothing from Blair and Bush’s forthcoming memoirs and expecting greatness from that man Jonathan Franzen.








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